Sunday, November 18, 2007


IPIP Test Results

Paulena, your most unique quality is that you're Conscientious and Caring

You are the kind of person others can depend on. You carefully analyze the information, but your feelings also weigh in on the decision. You're confident, artistic, passionate, competent, fun-loving, self-disciplined, and able to carry through with any plan you create. You respect others, but do not trust easily, keeping your inner circle small.

You are not afraid to consider an unpopular point of view, but your base for decision-making is well founded. You're also good at weighing the pros and cons of any situation and making sound, well-informed decisions.

Compared to others who are conscientious, you are unusually competent and highly motivated, knowing what to do when needed, and confident that you will do it well. You take time to weigh the facts and listen to your heart. Only 2.3% of all test takers have this unique combination of personality strengths. For a more in depth analysis, please click the link below.

Well, guess I've got them fooled- eh? lol These tests are always interesting...


Don said...

I'll give a big AMEN to that assessment....I missed the link.

Trailady said...

Oh, I did not include the link, accidently copied that text. Sorry!

Livingsword said...

Paulena is much prettier than Trailady!!!! :)

Some of those results seem accurate other seem far off but of course it is hard to get a feel for these things on a blog.

I find the tests typically analyze me pretty well…scary…..I’m an “entertainer-analyzer”, outgoing and very social but meticulous about facts.

FallenAngel said...

I wrote to you on your last post.

FallenAngel said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope life and the holidays are going good. Write soon.